21 diciembre 2008

Nuevo disco Seo 2 / New Seo 2 Joint

(english below)
Desde hace algunos dias estoy mezclando el próximo disco de Seo 2. Este disco está planeado para Marzo de 2009 y se viene muy potente. Muchos productores y colaboraciones de mcs.

Estén atentos.

+ info, videos y links de Seo 2 en: myspace.com/seodos

if you wanna know what´s going on with chilean hip hop these days you got to check this MC. Maybe you'll be familiarized with his name ´cause he has been working in a lot of projects for the last 14 years, he is one of my contemporaries and i´m mixing his next solo album.

There is a lot of good beats but don´t miss the lyrics, take some intensive spanish lessons from now and get the album on march.