10 agosto 2011

Groovemine review

Latino & Proud - Dj Raff (Nacional Records)

MANUEL’S FAVE TRACKS: “Gettosinfonia” • “Sudakaizbeautiful” • “Outrollage (these beats are what i am)”

Before I begin my review of this album, let me just lament the state of modern music marketing. DJ Raff is a Chilean electro/hip-hop DJ, and this collection of fat beats, his US debut, was named Latino & Proud — I suppose it’s some sort of misguided promotional technique. The thing is, the result of this naming decision will have the opposite effect: it’s clearly going to pigeonhole the album in the market, even though the music has more in common with, say, Flying Lotus’ Low End Theory collective than what’s stereotypically conceived of as Latino music. Of course, DJ Raff is in fact likely proud of his Latino heritage (as am I of mine), but the fact is that the lineage of his music is not primarily informed by his Latino identity. As DJ Raff himself says, "My roots are one hundred percent hip hop." I’ll just put this issue aside, because this record’s too good to waste time with that. READ MORE »