20 enero 2012

HDA expo @ Montana Cafe & Gallery BCN

HDA es un colectivo con base en Barcelona y algunos miembros en Paris y Gent, Bélgica. Esta fue su primera muestra colectiva en el café Montana de Barcelona. Las fotos de Rodrigo Mirando y el artículo de MTN-WORLD.COM aquí o pinchando cualquiera de las fotos de arriba.

HDA is a group of friends brought together by graffiti. “Hartos de Arte” (Sick of Art) was born after the 2000 effect, and today in the era of the 2012 apocalypse they are together to show some of their recent pieces. This was their first show in Barcelona after many years of activity on the street and in their murals, and who knows if it’ll be their last. United for the cause are Ring, Kans, Sperm, Zire, Gnyo, Inos, Seny, Apes, Erakles and Spit; as well as some of their members in Paris, 3615, Turbo, and Povre; and Resto, in Gent, Belgium.

check the pictures by Rodrigo Mirando clicking on any photo above or after the JUMP