23 julio 2012

MTV IGGY interview

"One of the latest, greatest names to appear everywhere in electronic music circles is Barceleona-via-Chile producer DJ Raff. But In truth, there’s nothing new about Raff. For over a decade, he hustled his way to the top of Chile’s explosive rap scene, earning a reputation as the nation’s number one hip-hop DJ. Then suddenly, he threw it all away to move to Europe and make pensive, experimental beats layered with digital raindrops and sizzling waves of noise.

Such a move might inspire some side-eye if said experimental beats weren’t so darn good. His combination of boom-bap beats and moody synthesizers hit the spot profoundly, prompting one European journalist to coin the term “Emotional Bass” to describe Raff’s sounds. He nimbly straddles the line between warm and cold, organic and digital, hype and delicate. We heartily approve..." READ MORE

By Marlon Bishop

source: MTV IGGY