12 julio 2013

" RVSB - Cruz del Sur " premiere

Two of South America's biggest kahunas, DJ Raff and Latin Bitman, have teamed up under the monicker RVSB (Raff vs. Bitman—gettit?), and we've got their latest video, "Cruz Del Sur" to massage your brain's visual pleasure centers. RVSB is the two Chilean DJs' new collaborative project after years playing gigs together. You should definitely give fucks about this, not only because you've heard Raff and Bitman's beats on your fave boob tube shows like Dexter and 90210, but also because this video's Latin psychedelic vibe feels like kicking back in a space-age egg chair and sipping a Pisco sour while sci-fi Inca babes twirl around in kaleidoscopic robes and spoon-feed you drops of acid. READ MORE ->

Source: Thump.vice.com

RVSB - Cruz del Sur 
Direccion de arte:12-NA 
Direccion de fotos:B. Welsh